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MAP rigid packaging of jujube
MAP rigid packaging of jujube

MAP rigid packaging of jujube - New Angle pack



New Angle MAP rigid packaging

for plam dates 


Jujube is very popular in many countries, for its nice sweet taste and rich vitamin nutrition.Many date manufacturers prefer the MAP packaging method as it can  secure its flavor the most.


MAP, abbr. Modified atmosphere packaging. It often applies materials like APET, EVOH, and PE.With such packaging, the natural air in the package is replaced with fresh-keeping gases which is often a combination of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen. The actual gas ratio depends on the food's properties.


It’s also optional to apply colored bottom film to make the bottom tray. And the design of extra beam ribs can make the package more firm.

In this way, we can protect the dates from moisture and microorganisms. 

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